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Hello, I'm Dr. Katya Pogranychnaya

Do you believe in the power of cosmetology just as we believe in it?

I am dr. Katya Pogranychna, dermatologist and internationally reknown beautician on a mission to turn your views on the beauty industry upside down. Contour plastic is an art and I am a true expert in it. With my team of top professionals, we will create the perfect look for each of you and we invite you to dive into this limitless world of injection, cosmetology and beauty with us.

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Our Treatments


Thick luxurious hair is just a dream? Let's make it a reality! Thanks to powerful medical mesococktails, you can improve the density and quality of hair, restore your former shine and grow your length. All these miracles occur by introducing a nutritious cocktail directly to the hair bulbs. Thus, sleeping bulbs awaken and also get the right amount of vitamins for rapid growth and healthy condition.


Smooth, perfect skin is the beauty standard for any girl. Preparations for biorevitalization are selected individually based on the needs of your skin. What does this miracle procedure give? Powerful skin hydration with hyaluronic acid. Biorevitalization starts the process of stimulating the skin's own resources. After the completed course, you will be delighted with your face!


Complex therapy in the fight against excess weight only together with the most powerful cocktails-fat burners! Lipolytics will help to get rid of 4-7 cm in the waist, remove the "breeches" zone and reduce the volume of the hands. And also, my author's technique for reducing the volume of the cheeks and double chin has been created for you!

Contour Plastic

Our signature method to create perfect facial contours and flawless lips. Based on your desires and current trends in the world, I will select the best drug for you. We will make all your cosmetic dreams come true! Want to be a Hollywood star or Vogue cover girl? - Then you're right!

Aesthetic Cosmetology

Cleaning, peels and skin type care on the best cosmetic brands will make your skin clean, velvety and radiant. Individual approach to each guest and exclusive procedures.

Non Surgical Rhinoplasty

It is not necessary to resort to radical methods of nose correction and lie under the knife of surgeons, because there are author's methods for nose correction without surgery in our clinic. You can reduce the volume of your nose and get rid of the hated "potatoes" with a special lymphatic drainage mesococktail. And also, it is possible to remove the hump, lift the tip of the nose and eliminate asymmetry by applying correction with a plastic filler and special threads.

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